The Weekend

This week has been an exciting one for Cockenzie. The Regatta 2012 was on at the  weekend, with our boats rowing” Boatie Rows “ and “ Boatie Blest” .. The weather  and water was  perfect on Saturday, It was a good day.

Monday-Wednesday, a few of us were hunting the  A list stars that  were in   Cockenzie. It was Only Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth. They were filming  parts   for a film called The Railway Man , the film crew were there with all  there   props and off coarse the paparazzi with their 10 foot long cameras. They  filmed   in Cockenzie House, the Legion and on Marshall Street. Lucky for me my  friend  lives on this street so got closer than anyone. On Wednesday my friend  Fiona  got  to go on set and take a few photographs, I got a glimpse of Nicole.

Alison Vasey
14/5/2012 04:59:22 am

Cockenzie seems like an exciting place to live! Or at least have relatives who live there. Your parents' house sounds as though it's in a wonderful spot.

14/5/2012 05:01:21 am

Good Phots, Get your Dad out taking some more.

David Hunt
14/5/2012 05:05:54 am

Photos ok
Bye David

14/5/2012 05:14:13 am

Lucky you! You maybe an extra in the film too :) I love all the great photos really captures the beauty of Cockenzie.


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