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**Merry Christmas Everyone !!!**


Wednesday 19th

Panic came from east lothian today , some primary children came home with a letter from school , Basically  saying some primary schools has received a letter, giving a weird definition of  a parable.  They  are advising that parents should keep a vigil at school premises for any strange  activity. The police were informed and are looking into it. But there is nothing
to worry about. !!?? Facebook/ Twitter were on fire** the council posted this late on wed night. 

The Christmas Shopping.

Just about finished all the christmas shopping, need to start wrapping now. !


Up to the western with my sister. We had an Adventurous  day :) :)
Thanks to the guy that helped us.!!


End  of computing class for the holi’s. We enjoyed a great buffet with our tea.
Thanks to everyone x


5th Dec

Happy Birthday to my Nephew Jordan. Turned a teenager today!!

Thurs 6th Dec

College Christmas Meal.
photo/web/computers .

Thank you to the Pitstop Cafe staff for the lovely Meal.

Fri 7th Dec

Last Day for Genealogy & Family History.
This has been a great Class for any one doing there family tree/history. Look forward to the next term. Merry christmas to all in class .