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Class Going well, Should sit Mock test soon !!


I’m  enjoying learning all the technical stuff off the camera.

Web Design

Got Ideas For my new Web site .

Genealogy&Family History

This  class is Very Interesting. It has helped so much with my searching and  research.


24th Sept 2012

 Photography  Class started today. Enjoyed the lesson and was interested to see how an old Photo I  own was made.

1837 -- First daguerreotypes - silver plate exposed by mercury  vapour!!

Web Design Class started 24th Sept. Genealogy & Family History started 28th Sept.

25th Sept 2012

Good Luck To Amy on her job Interview.xx A McDonalds and some Shopping Afterwards!!

27th Sept 2012

Well  done to Diane & Greg on their Charity Cycle.  Thanks  to Diane for the Card & Cakes!!X (Thursday Comp  Class)


Battle of Prestopans 2012

Cockenzie House Weekend!


Saturday 15th  September


Some Bramble Picking!
The  Haddington Longniddry Railway
Railway Walk

 James Maitland Balfour's
 Monument .

The View

Good Luck to Diane & Greg

Diane and her son Greg set off on there Challenge today!!
16th September 2012

Sunday 16th September

Preston Grange : East Lothian Family Multi-Cultural Day
Lucas Ice Cream

Classes for 2012/13

  • Genealogy-Family History
  • Computing Course
  • Web Design

Thursday 6th Sept!

First day back at Computer Class!
great to see every one :) .

Maybe Doing a Digital Photograph class.

Butterflys of 2012